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How it all started

The Full Story

One of the things you need to know about me is that I have a passion for many things. Serving others is at the tippy top and has manifested in a privileged role as your holistic nutrition counsellor. Another passion has manifested into my Art Shop and continues to grow (psst! check it out!). Painting is my peaceful place where I meet with Tanya and enter into a realm where time doesn't exist.


Dancing is a must, hiking (the reason for Walk and Talk), photography, journaling, writing novels, poetry booklets, children's books, singing/songwriting, piano and guitar.

Growing up I didn't know myself very well. When I left for the University of Ottawa at 18 years old, my family bought me a guitar for my birthday. My beautiful blue companionProbably why my favourite colour is blue now come to think of it. This was my outlet while I was away and with a base in piano, I became a self-taught guitar player to enjoy my favourite songs. Then poetry, then songwriting, then the musical piece, and original songs were born. 

This was the beginning of my self-discovery on a deeper level and layer by layer, I grew to know who I was all along. Education in holistic health and life skills are gifts I cannot keep to myself. These are what I want to offer to Canadians near and far to help others grow in self-awareness and enjoy a life of fulfillment every day. 

Reach out below to find out more!

Your Holistic Nutrition Counsellor, 

- Tanya



Tanya's Profile

Favourite Meals        

Mediterranean Style - I was raised on Egyptian cuisine

Favourite Sport             

Swimming​ - Easy on the joints & always fun


Favourite Movie

Ever After - A Cinderella Story

Top Creative Outlets

Contemporary Dancing & Ballet, Painting & Gardening

Comfort Foods

Grilled cheese & tomato soup- can you tell? 

Favourite Band

For King and Country - Love Me Like I Am

Favourite Book 

The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté 

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