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Meet in person or online for both 1-on-1 Sessions & Wellness Workshops


Services Details

ADULTS (18+up)

Offering 1-on-1 sessions in person, online, or out on the trails in Saint John and surrounding area.

The holistic nutrition counselling sessions cover the following topics: nutritional, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Together, the counsellor and client assess the purpose of sessions according to the client's needs.

The recommended sessions with your holistic health counsellor is 3-months to see results, but it is up to the client to decide their needs. The main goal is to empower clients with practical wellness tools learned through holistic health education and life skills to support their relationships with themselves and with others. These tools will also support clients through difficult life circumstances, manage stress, build self-awareness, and experience fulfillment in daily living.

YOUTH (ages 7-17) 

Counselling for youth focuses on confidence building, emotional regulation, and self-discovery. These focus points support youth to learn skills to stand strong against peer pressure, develop their intuition, and build confidence as they grow awareness of their unique gifts. The counselling approach for the younger age groups (ages 7 to 13) can include games the child chooses for their session. In-person or online are both options for this age group.


Wellness Workshops are available online or in-person for community events or corporate events such as lunch & learns. In-person workshops are available if the space is provided for the facilitator. The goal of workshops is to learn new life skills and apply them with confidence afterwards. Through experiential learning the attendees will be encouraged to self-reflect, workshop new ideas, and get more answers through Q&As. Workshop topics can have a wide range depending on the client needs. The following is a list of previous workshops. For more topic possibilities please contact DNC Wellness with your inquiry. 

Boundaries - What Are They and Why Do They Matter? 

Gut-Health for Mental Health - Understanding The Bodymind Connection Through Nutrition

Communication - Understanding Your Communication Style and How to be Assertive

The Nervous System & Stress - Uncovering Physical Health Through the Nervous System

Nutrition & Agency - Reconnecting With Your Body, Reclaiming Agency


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