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Discover. Name. Create.
Empowering relationships with yourself and with others
through holistic health & life skills education.




For more information about services available please feel free to contact us.
1-on-1 sessions are via zoom, wellness workshops are available either online or in person

I look forward to connecting!



Discover. Name. Create.
Empowering others to flourish through holistic health education.


What is a Holistic Nutrition Coach?

Health| Education| Love| Peace| Creativity| Authenticity

Health| Education| Love| Peace| Creativity| Authenticity

Welcome to DNC Wellness!

I'm Tanya, founder of DNC Wellness, a Holistic Nutrition Counsellor and Life Skills Coach living in the Port City of Saint John, NB!

Here's a little history of how I got here. With a love for science, I started out in the field of chemical engineering and worked in industrial settings. Through a marriage, divorce, and as a mother to one sweet boy, I developed a passion for healing and emotional wellness for a healthier life. The pursuit of healing helped me discover a new freedom of expression, confidence, and greater joy in relationships. Today, I make choices that align with my core values, I set healthy boundaries in relationships, and enjoy the innumerable benefits of holistic health & life skills education

The Professional Integrative Nutrition program at Rhodes Wellness College based in Vancouver, BC revealed limitless possibilities to understand my inner world. Imagination and creativity are old loves that resurfaced and now with a deep sense of gratitude I can share what I've learned with youth and adults in my community and throughout Canada by offering 1-on-1 sessions, corporate workshops, and community wellness workshops. 


I believe in the power of education in life skills and holistic health - physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellnesses - to build a strong foundation for health & safety to flourish in life and have a strong sense of self-value. 

Core Values

Health| Education| Love| Peace| Creativity| Authenticity

What is a Holistic Nutrition Counsellor?

A Holistic Nutrition Counsellor shares knowledge around holistic health and wellness which includes: physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellnesses. Using a client-led approach ensures that 1-on-1 sessions go at the client's pace and touch on subjects they are comfortable sharing for authentic change. A safe space is created for clients to address what is most present for them in session to work together on their top priorities & build life skills to support their goals.


Ready to learn how you can grow in self-awareness to thrive in your life? Book a FREE 30-minute discovery session in the link below.

Meet Tanya
Why Naturopathy
Is 1-on-1 Holistic Nutrition Counselling For You?
  • You want to learn more about nutrition.

  • You experience racing thoughts, stress & anxiety.

  • You want to build healthier relationships.

  • You want to learn how holistic health can help you meet your goals.

  • You want to understand how to overcome unhelpful beliefs and repetitive negative thoughts.

  • You're using your voice but feel unseen, unheard, or misunderstood. 

I Can Help You: 
Image by Margaret Jaszowska

Communicate Assertively & Set Boundaries 

To use your voice responsibly and clearly & set a new standard for how others treat you. Stand confidently with your boundaries.

Process Feelings & Emotions Healthfully

To alleviate the weight of carrying suppressed emotions & express them with care to prevent harm to self and others

Experience the Benefits of Holistic Health 

So that you can develop custom disciplines to support yourself nutritionally, physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. 

Break Down Unhelpful Beliefs

To understand the root cause of core beliefs, how they affect your           emotions, feelings, & behaviours and then create helpful new beliefs.


"Tanya is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met. She listens to you so deeply that you feel safe to be vulnerable. You never feel judged in her presence and truly feel like she's there to help you and you alone. Tanya is magnificent. You'd be blessed to work with her."

— Roslyn Humphreys




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